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  Definitions for thearchy


A government ruled by God or a god; a theocracy.

1643, Subject of Supremacie, 42: There ends Monarchy as a Thearchie, or divine dynastie.

1643, Maximes Unfolded, 8: Thearchie, or Gods Government in Families, a Nation, and all Nations.

1863, G.J. Whyte-Melville, Gladiators, I 254: [The Jew's] belief in that direct thearchy, to which he was bound by the ties of gratitude.

A system or ordering of deities. (Compare pantheon.)

1852, P.J. Bailey, Festus, 11: From rank to rank in Thearchy divine, We angel raylets gladden in thy sight.

1876, W.E. Gladstone, Homeric Synchronism, 245: Pan was one of the younger gods in the Hellenic thearchy.

1899 Dec. 1, Literary Guide, 178 1: When Jesus entered upon his ministry, the Olympian thearchy...was already tottering to its fall.


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