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Spanish-English translation for "Bueno, quizá es algo bueno"

  • Bueno, quizá es algo bueno

  • Bueno, quizá es algo bueno

    Well, perhaps that's a good thing

  • Bueno, quizá es algo bueno

    No. Well, perhaps that's a good thing.

  • Context sentences for: "Bueno, quizá es algo bueno"

  • Bueno, quizá me equivoque

    Well, I was wrong. I thought it was a candle.

  • Bueno, quizá me case con él

    Well, maybe I'm going to marry him

  • Bueno, tengo algo en mente

    Well, I've got something on my mind.

  • Y después de darlo todo, quizá salga algo bueno.

    After you've given everything maybe something will come of it.

  • Bueno, he descubierto algo, Lincoln.

    I've found out one thing, Lincoln

  • Quizá no sea tan bueno

    Well, maybe it ain't so hot

  • Bueno, teníamos que hacer algo

    Well, we had to do something:

  • Creo que podría hacer algo bueno allí

    I think I can do some good over there.

  • Danos algo bueno, algo nuevo

    Say, give us something good, something new.

  • Bueno, quizá no tan extraño ahora.

    Maybe not so strange now

  • Si dice que algo es bueno, es que lo es.

    If he says a thing is good, it is good.

  • Bueno, parece que ahora tiene algo en que pensar.

    Well, it seems she"s got something to think about now, anyway.

  • ¿Algo bueno?

    Something good?

  • Bueno, ¿podríamos hablar de algo más agradable?

    Well, couldn't we speak of something more pleasant?

  • Es bueno cuando algo bueno le sucede a alguien bueno.

    It's nice when nice happens to somebody nice.